Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day 5

Two days without Internet access right at the beginning of starting this journal has been an untimely incident.  My aim is to write everyday but with unforseen and uncontrolled outages it may not always go as planned.

We have however continued to harvest and take pictures of what we have picked from the patch and also what we have done with it.

The upside is, I guess, that the downtime has given me time to plan the logistics of picking up our new 3000lt tank and 2 new grow beds.  Pick up is this weekend and I will be adding the extension over the coming weeks.  I have hired a 3 tonne truck fit for the job and all is ready to go.  Exciting times.

So on to the harvest of Day 5. We really wanted to try our cucumber pickles with something.  I took my 3 year old out to the patch and after she swiftly consumed 6 strawberries , we noticed our watermelons are really starting to take shape.  They are now the size of a weird shaped golf ball and seem to get bigger everyday.

But onto what we’ll eat today.  We found some Cos lettuce and tomatoes.  Perfect for a lamb burger with our pickled cucumbers.

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