Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 12

Its becoming a daily thing that we are really starting to think about what we are going to eat from the patch.  It's a bit of a logistical thing at the moment as we wait for things to ripen or grow but we are still managing to get some great produce.

Tonight again I found a large cucumber hiding.  It's almost as if they grow over night.  We picked rosemary and thyme to marinate some lamb to make souvalaki.  The cucumber made a beautiful tzatziki and lettuce leaves and tomato making up the rest.  The flavours really are amazing and so much better than the crap we pay for in the supermarket.

I was planing on taking some for my lunch to work tomorrow but it was too nice to stop eating so I'll have to go with sandwiches.

And just to whet your appetite, a sneak preview of what we hope to be harvesting in a few weeks.  Watermelon.

I did a cleanup of the grow beds tonight.  The warm weather and resulting warmer water has sent a lot of things to seed and the lettuces have become a little woody.  I thinned out some new lettuce seedlings to help them grow with more space and trimmed a lot of dead leaves from the pumpkins, cucumbers and squash.  My Daughter came out and asked how she could help which put a smile on my face knowing that she is enjoying it as much as us.  She only managed one strawberry today but there are two big juicy ones almost ripe which she has her eyes on.  Your days are numbered strawberries!

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