Saturday, January 2, 2010

Day 2

Day 2 and another pick from "the patch".

We were looking for something we could have for lunch so decided on the silver beet and a bit of English spinach.  We also found 2 more cucumbers that were hiding so picked those as well so we now have a total of 3 to use.  We may see how a fourth is going and tomorrow we'll pickle them.

Todays lunch was a delicious dish called One-pot Silver beet, Potato and Sausage "comforter"*.  A very basic dish and I'd almost say peasant style but the flavours were amazing.  The spinach was crisp and sweet and not at all like spinach bought from the supermarket. A real hearty meal which was perfect for today as its a little cool and has been for a couple of days.

*Recipe from Kitchen Garden Companion by Stephanie Alexander

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