Monday, January 25, 2010

Day 25

Its been a busy couple of days and now the shade "curtain" is up over the grow beds.  We still need to make one more "curtain" but its doing a great job.  The difference in temperature is very noticeable which will help with those extra hot days to keep everything from getting burnt or the water heating too high.  

Not much was picked today at all.  Our daughter got some more strawberries but they are still small.  We are noticing a slow down in growth at the moment which is probably the dilution of the nutrients due to the extra water.  I checked the water temperature and its right on 24oC.  Too hot for trout so we need to wait.  I'll add some Seasol to keep things ticking along but until we can stock with trout we'll probably not get a lot but thats part of the learning curve.  


  1. If you can, I suggest you add two more posts in the center of each end of the canopy. Make them 50cm higher than the outer posts and string a wire between them giving a gable effect. This will allow the rain to roll off the sides of the canopy. (And if you make troughs you could collect it for future use during dry periods)

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