Thursday, January 21, 2010

Day 21

My oldest daughter wasn't felling well at all today so we didn't even get the daily question of "Are there any strawberries?".  I snuck out a few hours before dinner to pick some things and noticed about 4-5 nice big red ones that I didn't notice yesterday.  Its almost like the come up over night.  She'll have a strawberry feast next time she asks.

So for dinner I picked tomatoes and rosemary.  We slow roasted a leg of lamb as it was much easier to let it cook over a few hours while looking after our little girl.  I studded the lamb with rosemary and put the tomatoes in the roasting dish to roast at the same time.  The intensity of the tomato flavour was nothing like i've had before and the lamb was tender with a nice hint of rosemary.

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