Monday, January 4, 2010

Day 4

Back at work for the first time since starting this adventure into using our aquaponic produce daily and I can see its going to be a challenge but one I really want to strive to achieve.

I think some days, like today, it may just be slices of tomato or a sprig of fresh herbs, until I get used to the timing of planting and harvesting.

This will be crucial for the success of my aim, which is to be able to harvest something everyday.

We are about to double our garden size this weekend which really should help in giving us a lot of produce.  I will also time the planting of each of the 4 grow beds about 2-3 weeks apart so we get a longer time frame of harvest and also so not everything is becoming ripe and ready all at one time.

So after a long day at work we wanted to do something quick and easy.  A free range chicken breast crumbed and topped with roma tomato, freshly picked and warmed from the sun, was the ideal choice.

Unfortunately with the distractions of my children I only remembered to take this initial picture before we topped with fresh Italian mozzarella and finished it off in the oven.  In future I will have to make sure we don't tuck in to quickly and make sure we show you the final result.

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