Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day 31

Last day of January and the end of the 1st month of picking from the patch.  A lot has happened in this month.  We have doubled our system.  We've picked a heap of veggies and probably more than I thought we would.  Tomatoes have been going crazy.  We have mad a heap of relish, pickles and sauce.  All up its been a good first month.

So today we decided to do a couple of things.  We pulled out all the tomato plants.  There's a couple of reasons.  We are trying to reduce the nutrient uptake a little as our system needs more fish to keep up with the amount of plants we now have.  We cant add trout for maybe a month, so by removing the tomatoes it means less plants that need nutrients.

The tomatoes were at the end of their life and it was just ripening fruit.  We also wanted to make green tomato chutney.  So we picked everything that was left and ended up with another 4.5kg of green tomatoes with which we'll make green tomato chutney.

We also planted more seedlings in the grow bed that we planted in last weekend and the best part of today was a new experiment we are trying.  We are planting seeds.  Not in the usual fashion of row by row but we mixed a heap of different seeds and then spread them all over the grow bed.  We wont know what will grow where.  It may be a disaster or it may be a great way of growing.  We'll wait and see.

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