Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 19

It was time to visit an old friend tonight.  We had the last of our silver beet and remade the dish from Day 2.

I'd been eyeing of the delicious green leaves for a few days now wondering when it would become cool enough for us to have this dish again.

Speaking of green leaves.  Our system may fall of a little for the next while.  The nutrients our fish are providing are a more diluted in the extra water so we need to add more fish, but it is too early to add trout which is our winter species.  

Unfortunately, water when it reaches 24oC is too hot for trout.  Currently its at 20oC and it wouldn't take much to raise it to dangerous temperatures.  I am going to monitor it over the next few weeks and see how the temperature is fluctuating.  Its a real time thing now.  I dont want to add new plants too early for fear of taking nutrient from the ones already growing.  I also dont want to add trout to early for fear of killng them with the water to hot so we may need to wait a couple of weeks before we can go ahead with it.  

In the mean time I have water circulating through the new grow beds which will help the bacteria build up so that the nitrogen cycle can start.  

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