Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 13

Pickings were a little light on today which gave us the perfect opportunity to use the spicy tomato sauce we made the other day.

We did scrounge up some snow peas but I guess I should stop eating them while I'm feeding the fish or picking other things.  They are just so tempting though.

We made some fresh pasta

And using the tomato sauce we made the other day added some prawns and chopped basil and came up with this little beauty.

Day 13 was the lightest harvest but we are still getting something every day. Our Daughter managed another 6 strawberries but they are on the smaller side.  I'm not sure why they are small though.

I am hoping to get the next 2 grow beds plumbed in this weekend so that we can plant them out to start our autumn crop.

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