Sunday, January 17, 2010

Day 17

Today has been a crazy day full of pipework, cable ties, clayballs, tanks, water and wind.  

Amazing to think that less than a week ago we were experiencing temps in the mid 40’s , and by the end of today we get rain. 

Today was the big day.  Installing the long awaiting system expansion.  We had Dean and his wife Jen, from Growfresh Aquaponics come over and lead the way in setting it all up.  

Dean is a perfectionist so everything was done to the utmost level and it looks great.  I have a few things to finish off but the long weekend coming should get that sorted.  I have started flooding the new beds so that they can start to cycle.  

Due to the busy day I didn’t take any pictures of the food we picked.  We did however share a great lunch with  Dean and Jen and it included lettuce, tomato and some of those fantastic pickled cucumbers we’d made up last week.

Janette took some pictures of us putting the system together though.

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  1. I guess I spoke too soon about seeing shots of your setup -- I just hadn't read enough entries. This is great. More, more!