Friday, January 1, 2010

Day 1

First day of 2010,  first day of the decade.  First harvest of the year and first harvest for Picking from "the patch".

Below you can see we have picked spring onion, snow peas,  small tomato, coriander, vietnamese mint, celery, chilli, baby leeks and a cucumber.  All of this except for the cucumber was made into a beautiful asian dish with rice and pork.

Earlier in the day we picked a strawberry or two which Grace (our oldest daughter) swiftly devoured.  This was however gone before i had thought about starting this journal so unfortunately I have no evidence.  I will however in the next few days have some more delicious strawberries to take a pic of if I can beat Grace to them.

The cucumber we picked today will join the one we picked yesterday and we will make our first preserved product.  Bread and butter pickled cucumbers.

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