Sunday, February 28, 2010

Day 59

Today's pick was just a few herbs.  It's all I needed for the dish we made tonight which was something I have been thinking about making for years.  Its a variation on a dish that has been handed down for generations in my family.  Its the simplest of dishes and I was never sure if I should attempt this new one but today we decided to try it.  We picked fresh parsley and rosemary from our patch.

Our three year old daughter used the pestle and mortar and crushed up the rosemary with sea salt and extra virgin olive oil. 

We then roasted a free range chicken upside down, which is the first time i've done it that way.  It worked well by allowing the juices to run through the breast meat keeping it moist.  It's flipped just at the end to brown.  We tore the chicken meat into pieces cooked the pasta and the rosemary was added to the pan juices to blend with the pine nuts and sultanas.  it was then all tossed together with parsley and this is the result.

A new twist on a family favourite.


  1. Inspired by your blog, I made this tonight with our home grown rosemary and parsley. Yum Yum!! Big thumbs up from Adam and I. Thanks Mark for sharing!