Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day 40

Today I want to show you how much the seeds have grown since planted.   We planted the seeds on the 31st Jan and the post on the 4th Feb shows a small amount of growth.  Now only 9 days later on the 9th Feb we have the most amazing growth.

The best part is we aren't totally sure what is planted where.  We know a couple of them are pumpkins and a few different beans but the rest is a mystery.  We are really looking forward to the treasure hunt.

I also think this will be good for helping with any pest as they will become disorientated and may find it hard to attack any particular plant.  The only real issue with pest though so far is cabbage moth and there caterpillars.  They have staged an airborne attack but the Murray Cod love the caterpillars.


  1. Gee, I miss seeing the pumpkin you spoke of in the previous day's post.

  2. Yes we harvested the pumpkin a few days ealier. You can see the pumpkin on Day 36!