Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day 58

We are starting to see some progress in the patch now that the new trout have been introduced.  The system seems to be picking up which can take a short while.  The trout need to produce ammonia which triggers the bacteria that converts ammonia into nitrite to start reproducing to deal with the increased levels of ammonia and then the same happens with the bacteria the converts nitrite into nitrate.  Then last but certainly the most important the plants start to take on that nitrate and grow.  We have noticed some great growth in the leafy vegetables, including spinach and silver beet.  

Some of the other things are just growing bigger and as you can see below our squash is a great size.  My wife is even eating things like cabbage now as its flavour is so much different grown in the patch.  We pick them smaller and they are not bitter at all.  It actually has flavour and the nutrient loss is nil as we eat them straight away with no over cooking.  Happy days.


  1. Enjoying your blog. Keep it up.

  2. Thanks Dave,

    We are enjoying writing the blog and now that we have the new trout things should start getting much more frequent in here. In fact I am about to post about a suicidal rockmelon. Stay tuned!