Saturday, February 20, 2010

Day 51

We are taking a small gamble today.  We have introduced 150 rainbow trout to our aquaponics system.  I have been looking at long range forecasts and I think we are clear of all the hot weather now.  We have today and tomorrow to get through but so far its going fine.

We have very energetic little trout swimming around in the currents produced by the pumps and they seem to be loving it and these 150 nutrient producing trout will help us get the system cranking again.

They are so much more lively than the Murray Cod.  It's quite a treat to watch them swim around.

We even found a few well hidden veggies in the grow beds.  A couple of large squash and a cucumber were just some of the things we found today.  Sometimes it seems we need to just look harder.  In fact my wife found them.  Maybe I need to look harder next time.

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