Monday, February 8, 2010

Day 39

Just when I thought we weren't going to get anything from the patch for awhile I found a few little gems tonight.   Squash.  They are everywhere.  Just hiding well.  I also noticed the zucchini are starting to take off again.   The system slowed a little recently but the last few days the Murray Cod have been feeding really well.  I think the cooler water has triggered this.  The shade curtains are keeping the water a lot cooler and tonight after two very warm days the water was only at 28oC.  This extra feeding will result in extra nutrients produced by the fish and the plants will take off again.

So tonight we had from our system, cabbage, squash and pumpkin.  The pumpkin was small and didn't have a lot of flesh so I was interested to see how it would taste.  To my utter surprise it had so much flavour. Often a bought pumpkin is bland and even watery.  This was the opposite and was amazing.  I still have a half pumpkin left so will take a pic tomorrow to show how it looks cut.

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