Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day 54

Well the trout are going exceptionally well.  We lost 7 on the second day but only because they jumped out.  We had planned to put a cover over the tank but I thought they wouldn't be able to jump out as they are so small at the moment so wasn't in a great hurry.  Sadly I was wrong but we now have a temporary cover to stop them jumping.  They have settled in really well and the water temp is 20oC.

We've been picking some squash and strawberries and yesterday I picked a bunch of different herbs to mix through creme fraiche that was added to a smoked trout risotto.  Yummy but it wasn't our trout yet.

All in all we are slowly getting back on track now that the trout are in..  The cooler weather will start soon but I think by then we'll have the system cranking along again just nicely ready for the Autumn/Winter crop.

We are considering pulling out most things in the 3rd growbed soon and transplanting them to the 4th.  That way we can plant seed in the 3rd keeping in line with our plan to rotate the grow beds.

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