Friday, February 12, 2010

Day 43

Overnight we received another dose of rain which now takes our tally to around 700 lt of rain water harvested and added to the system.  I hope now that all our water can come from the skies rather than the tap.

Only 2 strawberries came from the garden today but Grace refused to eat them.  We bought a punnet of strawberries from the supermarket last week and she tasted a couple and decided she didn't like them.  Now she wont eat the ones from the garden.  She is obviously used to the sweet freshly picked garden ones and the bad taste of the bought ones have left her with a taste and she doesn't want to eat any at all.

Seeds are still growing strong and I am thinking of thinning out the two original grow beds into one so i can get ready to plant new seeds in a week or so.

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