Sunday, February 14, 2010

Day 45

Another day where not a lot is happening.  I really am starting to realise how much timing is needed to ensure the constant availability of fresh produce and avoid non harvest periods.

I have read that if we ran out of fuel in the world, our supermarkets would hold enough food for 3 days.  It's a scary thought but I don't see it happening in the near future, but it sets me a challenge.

Could i get our aquaponics system to the stage where if the supermarkets ran out of food for any amount of time, i could support my family with food.  If you knew that for 2 weeks you needed to be able to support yourself and family could you do it?

The fish would obviously be there to eat, but it also means we would need fish big enough to eat.  That I feel is something I want to aim for.  I need slow growing fish and fast growing fish.   The fast growing fish so we have a constant supply of fish to eat. Trout in winter, silver perch in summer?   The slower growing fish to help keep the system stable and producing the nutrients, but also a back up if we need fish and the others aren't up to size at that time.

As far as the veggies go, I also need the constant nutrient from the fish to keep them going and also timing of the grow beds so that even if its a small harvest we can manage each day, at least we are harvesting.

It's a lot to aim for but the ease of the aquaponics system means I can achieve it without back breaking soil digging.  I don't have to rotate crops because of nutrient loss.  I just need to plant for the seasons, stagger the grow beds and watch it grow.

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