Sunday, March 28, 2010

Day 87

Now that our get together yesterday is over we decided to get picking in the patch and take out some of the yummy things we have been waiting to try.  We left a few things in just so people would see the on the day.

So today was a big pick.  A rock melon, cabbage, chilli's, radish, beetroot and rhubarb.  Now you may notice the rhubarb isn't red.  Thats totally fine as not all rhubarb goes red.

I really wanted to make some rhubarb and ginger jam but looking at the green rhubarb I knew when it was cooked it would go a brown colour.   I thought red food colouring would do the trick but really wasn't happy with using artificial colours at all.  That's when I hit on an idea.  Beetroot juice!  A perfect rich red that would add flavour and a strong red colour to my jam.  The beetroot we picked today would be perfect.

And here is the result.  It was late in the night so I couldn't get a great shot with the low light but its a gorgeous red colour with out looking fake and we used an organic veggie from the patch to help bring the colour and not something artificial. 

1 comment:

  1. I never thought about using beet juice as a coloring agent..Great idea. Thanks

    -Matt (Utah, USA)