Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Day 76

What is the weather doing?  We have massive rains one day, the next it's 34oC, and then its beautiful Autumn days.   Summer has ended here in Australia and I'm looking forward to hearty winter vegetables and using our summer preserved ones. 

Beans have started forming on the vine and even the start of some early snow peas.  

Our bean crop should be full and abundant from our seed experiment.  This image below is just 46 days from when we planted the seed.  That's less then 6 weeks and the growth is amazing.  Heaps of buds and flowers starting to poke their white faces out to greet the Autumn sun.

Here we have Zucchini flowers poking out as well.  Just short of six weeks from seed.  We planted these  right at the end of the season but as they grow so quick in the aquaponics we think it will be fine to catch some at the late end of the season.

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