Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day 83

Not a lot has been happening.  We have been working on the patch getting it ready for the aquaponics meeting we are hosting on Saturday.  It's really looking good and we have been trying not to pick anything so it's at it's peak for the day.  

We'll pick a heap of stuff on the Saturday to have for lunch so I'll post some pics after the event.  We planted the heritage seeds just 5 days ago and already today we have sprouting.  It will be fun to grow some of the different vegetables we haven't tried before.


  1. Good luck with the meeting, I bet it will go great! How many people will be attending? I love that you mix the seeds by the way. I think that would be much more fun for the kids (and adults) as well :-). But, I am curious why that becomes a deterrent for pests?

  2. I think we may have around 30 attend.

    Mixing seeds up so that things come up all over the place can confuse the pests as it can be hard for them to pick up on the particular plant they are after as opposed to lines of cabbages etc that are easily found.

  3. What kinds of pests do you have there? Are we talking bugs...rabbits...deer...? Here in AZ we will have issues with birds as well. 30 people will be a great attendance. Enjoy your day!

  4. I'm talking bugs... and usually only flying ones as the beds are raised.