Monday, March 8, 2010

Day 67

With a long weekend on offer we disappeared to a favourite location of ours down the coast.  The fish would survive for three days without out us but I feed them up a little to make sure.  

While we were away the biggest storm for the last forty years went through Melbourne and we registered 51mm of rain at home.  We had no idea what we'd come back to but with stories of 10cm hail I was hoping it wouldn't be too bad.  On our return the only thing that we had was the rain.  The tanks were full to the brim and we have around 240 lts in reserve for any evaporation over the next few weeks.  Our system has an overflow between the large tank and the small one which operates in such a way to provide fantastic aeration.  Its great to see it working to its full potential now.

The plants were doing great and some extra seed we'd planted last week is sprouting.  

Tonight we just wanted an easy dinner so some wilted spinach with scrambled eggs was a great easy meal after a weekend of camping.  

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