Sunday, September 19, 2010

Day 262

You can tell its spring when the colours start appearing.  All this and more is growing in the patch and we are starting to plant seeds in potting mix to grow seedlings for transplant into the AP in the coming months.

Our plan is to pack it so full it will be bursting for the spring/summer seasons and harvest as much as we can.  Exciting times.


  1. That garden of yours makes me so jealous!

    I got back from Tassie and my Broadbeans are almost taller than me! Well a slight exaggeration....but the garden has all the signs of Spring. The lettuce is up, the fruit trees are budding up and bee's have returned. I'm really looking forward to this the second season at our new place.

    Got any water in your new tank?

  2. So far just the tiniest amount of water in the tank. We have so much in the patch now that its hard to find things. Just tonight I found a head of broccoli hiding amongst some peas. Its a great thing to find something hiding away. The girls don't know yet but I found about four strawberry flowers so if they produce fruit I will wait until they are big, red and juicy before I let them know.

    If your ever down this way let me know and you can have a look.