Sunday, September 5, 2010

Day 248

Wild, wet and windy is probably the only way you could describe the weather we have been having in the last few days.  With flash floods across most of our state and winds that have been bringing down trees, I was a little worried about what we would be faced with in the patch the next morning.  

We had winds last night of around 90km/h and when we woke the next morning we had surprisingly little damage.  The broad beans are on a small lean, as are some of the leaks but overall it survived the storm..

All this rain has cemented my thoughts that we need to get a much bigger tank.  At the moment we have a 240lt wheelie bin which I have setup to catch the rain. It helped in the early winter when we needed a small top up but we really need to catch a heap more so that over summer we can top up the fish tanks with water we harvest and not from the tap.

Today was a beautiful spring day, so I pottered around, tying things back, trimming off dead leaves etc and enjoying the sun.

We took a few trout out to see how the are looking and were surprised at just how big they are getting.   

You can see from these pictures that they spread across my whole hand.

Another job I have been wanting to do is give the tank a scrub.  It can get a little build up which I like to scrub back and release into the grow beds.  As I went about doing this job my 3yr old daughter took the camera and took a couple of pics.  She did a great job and I must say I really like this one of me.  

This is another one she took of the potatoes we are growing.  It's the one thing that is hard to grow in a AP grow bed so we decided to grow these in the straw that we take from the chook house.  It's a great circle of use and reuse and we will benefit from this with some fresh home grown spuds in a few months.


  1. Those Trout look nice and healthy. About 500-600gm?

  2. I'll need to weigh one but based on last years size I think they'd be very close to that. We put them in earlier this year and so we should get a really nice size at time of harvest.

  3. I did a quick weigh out tonight but it was hard to keep the little blighters still. I think the mid range of the trout is around 300gm. There are some smaller and some bigger. all up I think we are in a good spot for some great harvest sizes.