Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day 257

I've just realised that we are nearly into the last 100 days of Harvest 365.  Its amazing to think just how much we have grown of our own food.  I haven't posted every day as I didn't want to bore you all with another "bunch of spinach" post but we have picked a significant component of our daily food.  

We have come along way and learning every day.  We have won the award and hopefully shown others what can come from an AP system.  The best part is it's only the start of the most productive season of the year so it can only go uphill from here.  

Today we ordered a 3400ltr rain water tank.  We used the $500 form the sustainability competition to buy the tank so we'll always have a reminder and we are going another step toward bringing the system to a self sufficient one.  

Anyway enough of my rant.  Here's todays pick.  All that fresh coriander torn up and tossed through the stir fry.... I can still smell it on my hands... Bliss.

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