Monday, September 6, 2010

Day 249

I've always wondered if there were people out there reading our blog.   We enjoy writing and every now and then we get a comment which we think is fantastic.   I had an idea recently to see if I could find who might be looking in on our day to day ramblings.   I was actually surprised what I found and very humbled with some of the comments.  I want to share some links of those who are linking to us and what they say.

Homestead Basics
Past homestead skills combined with modern advancements makes urban Homestead Basics for Self Reliance today

The Expensive Tomato
This online journal is dedicated to show friends and family the progress I am making on my Aquaponics Greenhouse.

The Aquaponic Source
The Aquaponic Source was started in Boulder, Colorado in November 2009 by Sylvia and Alan Bernstein.

So if you are a reader please write us a comment on today's blog entry.  Even if its just your name and what part of the world you are from.  It would be great just to see from where our readers are.  And to those you who have written such wonderful things about what we are doing, Thank you.


  1. Lori here :-) Northern California... new aquaponics addict. Started my system in April and am really enjoying the entire adventure. About to install a 2nd fish tank with more growbeds in our sunroom as a way to over winter the tilapia. Looking into getting trout and striped bass for the outdoor tank.

  2. Well I didn't know about this blog until I saw a link in but now that I know you're here, I'll be reading!

    I'm in Southern California (hi, Lori from the above comment!). I build a tiny proof-of-concept system in my kitchen a few months back using a 30 gallon fishtank and ornamental fish. (Hey, I already had the tank in the house, so this seemed the best way to start.) I've been growing basil, sage, and thyme successfully, and have high hopes for my dwarf pak choy.
    My fiance and I have been learning a lot from my small system and we're spending a lot of time and enjoyment planning the large one for the yard. We're hoping to put that in next spring when he moves here (from out of state).

    I look forward to poring through all the adventures in your blog, and I'm so glad I found it!