Saturday, May 29, 2010

Day 149

Today we finally bit the bullet and stripped the beans grow bed right back to the ground and replanted.  Our experiment of mixing seeds didn't fail but wasn't the greatest either.  The beans shot straight up and took over which meant other things struggled a little.   

As we were pulling things out we found so many things like carrots, radish and leeks.  Very small ones though.  its as if they just hadn't had the sunlight to grow well.   We kept them all bar the radishes and replanted them.  We also replanted the spinach, cauli's, broccoli and beetroot. 

You can see in this picture the grow bed is half empty and this is the stage that we started to find so many things that had been hidden.

We have done the growbeds in two different ways so far.  Mixed seeds and lines of seeds.  So this time we are trying a new approach. We made a 3x5 grid that covers the whole growbed.  I actually cant believe that I didn't take a still shot of the grid but I was making a video as well at the time and it slipped my mind.  Anyway in each cell of the grid we will plant seeds of each variety of veggie for that season that we want to grow.  It means we will have 15 things in each grow bed.   

I have put both these bottom two pictures in so you can sort of see how it will go.  We replanted the things we wanted to keep, put in some seedling and also some seeds so it should stagger a little the produce we get.

Here's a link to the youtube video I made of the replanting by grid.  Have a look as it's explained a little better.  Video Link


  1. I like the idea of the grid and also the phasing of maturity that will result from putting seeds in of the varieties that were transplanted. When you transplant the different varieties do some fair better than others?

  2. Most times they all come back very well. It can take a few days for them to come back to normal though. We haven't lost anything through replanting as far as I can remember.