Sunday, May 23, 2010

Day 143

Well you'll have to excuse the photos today... the low light isn't very forgiving and my youngest knocked over the Nikon SLR a few days again smashing my favourite lens which means its a little harder now getting the shots.  

After we pulled out all the plants from the grow bed in the last post we ended up with a heap of celery.  I had no idea what to do to preserve it and looking online I just got a lot of "freeze it" suggestions.  I can just imagine what it would be like after being unfrozen and even just used in soups and stews I still don't think I could eat soggy celery.   I had to think a little harder and thought celery salt.  

So we chopped up all the celery into small 2 inch pieces and dried it out in the oven overnight.  This is th e result.  Small matchstick size celery stalks.  I pounded them in the mortar and pestle to a fine powder and then added Maldon sea salt.

And the result.  A jar of beautiful celery salt.  It tastes fantastic and will be great used in all sorts of dishes over the next year.

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  1. I love this idea. I have dried celery before and used it is soups but it is a bit rubbery after drying. Your idea is better. cheers
    Dale from the AP forum