Sunday, May 2, 2010

Day 122

Sunday morning and enjoying a cooked breakfast is one of life's indulgences and being able to walk out the backdoor and pick fresh spinach to add to the cooked breakfast makes it all the more enjoyable.

In the short walk out to harvest this mornings spinach I got to thinking just what this means.  I am not a "greenie" by a long shot but I do think more of our impact on the earth as these things are being more and more talked about.  

By growing our own we not only provide ourselves with amazingly fresh produce full of nutrients that we all need but we eliminate things like the distance our food needs to travel to us.  A bag of spinach bought at the supermarket has so many "miles" attached to it from the farmers equipment used in sowing and harvesting, the freight from the farmer to the market.  The market to the super market, and then my car trip to and from the supermarket.  We then buy a product that may have been picked a week or two ago and usually its more than we need so the excess is thrown in the garbage.  I have no idea of what the farmer has sprayed or fertilised the product with either.

On the other hand I know exactly what has been added to my spinach.  Sunlight, Water and fertiliser from the fish.  I have picked the grubs off by hand and that's it.  Its super fresh.  From paddock to plate is  minutes not weeks.  

I even took the plate back to the paddock and it was still hot when I arrived.  Not bad hey!  So it may just be a small thing but every bit helps and I know my family is getting some of the freshest ingredients around.  I just need to work on a chicken coop!  

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