Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Day 146

We've decided to pull out the grow bed with the beans that got hit by the frost.  We have waited enough time for it to recover so its time now to get something else in and growing.  So we have a bit to get through including these radishes.  Were going to pickle them.  I've never had pickled radish so its worth a go.

On the other hand the broad beans are starting to form.  Looking forward to a dish with fresh double podded broad beans.

And another first for the season.  Cauliflower.  Its been teasing us for awhile now.  Ever so slowly growing and tonight we couldn't wait any longer.   Out it came and like last time we think this size is perfect.  It hasn't had a chance to get to big and is tender and sweet.  We have baby carrots and baby peas, why not baby cauli's?   

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