Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Day 139

This is the grow bed I mentioned in the last post.  Its getting a bit scrappy and could do with a good clean up.  We have big broccoli plants that we've taken from in the hope they may produce more but they aren't.  Celery is very bushy and it could do with thinning out as well as a myriad of other things that could be moved around.

So after about 30 minutes EASY work we now have this.  We transplanted anything we wanted to keep into other grow beds except the herbs which we moved to the near side of the bed.  Plants transplant so easily and we found hundreds of worms in the roots of the broccoli and rhubarb.  It was almost like a worm nursery in each root ball with huge clumps of small worms.  

We planted out the empty space with another crop of winter veggies.  It should be ready by the time we have gone through the other things growing now and keep us going daily with a fresh pick of wonderful veggies.  

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