Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day 299

Finally we can enjoy some broad beans and the girls loved picking them.  They are very slow growing but so worth the wait.  

Matilda snagged herself a big basketful of silver beet, purple peas, broad beans and herbs. 

It makes us very proud when we see the girls enjoying the backyard and all its yummy treasures.  


  1. Hey my broad beans are almost ready for picking! Have you still been getting a good harvest?
    Yesterday I planted about 30 Borlotti beans that I've been raising from seed, this morning I go out to look at them and some little #$@#@ has been nipping off the top shoots. Gardeners nightmare!

    Apart from that, everything else seems to be in action, albeit slow growing with this strange season.

    Hope your patch is doing well and your tank is now full of water!

  2. We've been getting heaps. See day 305 for the latest pic of how many we've got. Our tank is full to the brim now and I almost wish I had another.
    Is it some sort of animal that ripping of the top shoots? That's the good thing about having raised beds... so much harder to be attacked.