Monday, October 4, 2010

Day 277

Today I want to tell you all about Dirtgirl World.  I know there are many people who read this blog from all over the world who have kids or grandkids.  Dirtgirl is a great Australian character who is aimed at young kids.  The blurb about this show I have added below but if you can get your hands on this our find it on TV some where make sure you watch it.  It's is so good for kids to learn about their gardens.  They will be busting to get out in the garden.

Oh and her website is here. Dirtgirl World.

dirtgirl is a gumboot-wearing girl who grows awesome tomatoes, knows cloud names and drives a big orange tractor.
dirtgirl's backyard is full of friends. There's scrapboy, her best friend, who's a whiz with junk,grubby with her grub’s eye view, ken the weevil, a super stunt star with a healthy fear of heights,roger the rooster and the chicks, hayman, the monosyllabic scarecrow and thegreenthumbs...real kids in real gardens having unreal fun.
dirtgirlworld is a celebration of life outside.
It's a place of bizarre insects, underground tunnels, vaudevillian trained chickens and performing stunt bugs.
Funky pop songs, guitars with attitude, beats, grooves and loops all blended with a tractor, make up the infectiously cool music in dirtgirlworld.
This musicentric series explores the natural world and invites the audience to 'go get grubby' in the big world outside.
dirtgirlworld is a place where we find out that we protect what we love.
As dirtgirl says...'it's all about balance'.
Made for 4 - 7 year olds, dirtgirlworld takes this audience to a world where real and unreal hang out together.

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