Thursday, October 7, 2010

Day 280

It's time to admit that with broad beans I have no idea.  Zilch, nada, nil.  Tonight we were transferring all the trout from the smallest tank into the large one in preparation for getting some Silver perch or similar for the summer months when we decided to take a look at the broad beans to see if there was anything growing.  I noticed something weird and went to look and realised it was a small bean.

Thats when it twigged.  The beans start growing down low.  We found numerous beans and so we picked a few to try.  The small tiny ones when double podded and eaten raw were buttery and sweet.  Oh it's going to be great times ahead.  I just hope I can resist and let them grow out. 


  1. Good for you! I chop some of the fresh green tips of leaves right at the top of the plant, about a hand full and then mix them with a few eggs, parsley and Chorizo sausage and make a breakfast omelet. Had it this morning in lieu of actual broad beans. The flavor of the leaves is similar to the beans themselves. Topeed with some Tabasco and a little HP....yum!

  2. Sounds amazing, I may try that tomorrow for b'fast.