Sunday, August 29, 2010

Day 241

This is a late post as I must have been distracted by a busy week and forgot to add this one.  

It's actually a good thing I guess.  Last weekend we spent a wonderful morning in the patch with the girls.  Seeing these images this morning gave me a great smile as it reminded me of how great it was.  

One of the things we absolutely enjoyed growing last summer was tomatoes.  I think its one of those crops that no matter who you are, you'll enjoy growing and picking your own tomatoes.  I remember last year we actually bought the tomatoes early in the season.  Even the lady at the nursery commented on that we shouldn't be growing them at that time of year.  Strange...she was selling them!  We ended up with a bumper crop and we are still enjoying the tomato sauces we made even to this day.

So it was with great excitement that we planted some tomato seedlings about a week ago.  We are keen and if we lose them to a frost so be it.  If the gamble pays off again we'll have another great crop early in the season.  

However we thought we'd start an insurance plan and have some fun with the girls.  We bought some tomato seeds and some seed mix and spent the morning with the chooks running around our feet, teaching the girls how to plant seeds.  

They are so easily impressed and it slows you down to enjoy such a simple thing as planting a seed, giving it some water, sun and attention.

The girls had a great time learning about seed growing and they water the seeds daily with their water sprayers waiting, watching for something to pop up out of the soil.

The seeds we planted were three styles of heirloom tomatoes and basil.  They were all mixed in the one seed packet and were died in different colours which was another fun thing for the girls as they were planting red, blue, yellow and black seeds.

So if you have children in your life.  Grab a seed and a pot and a bit of soil.  Take the time and plant a seed.  It will slow you down and who knows, you may also plant the seed of learning that may benefit your children's children in the future.

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