Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day 234

What a magnificent day.  Spring is definitely on the way.  Just a tidy up of the patch today and this week we installed something new.  It will make it a nicer place to be over summer in the patch. I cant reveil it just yet but it is something someone suggested as a comment here in the blog a few months back.  As soon as its completed I'll post up a picture.

So for now I have a few pics of what's growing.  Its really taking off.

In the foreground we have lettuce and the background is bok choy.

Heaps of Beetroot.

Very happy to see a couple of Cauliflowers coming along.

Cabbage, but I cant remember the variety.

Leeks... we have heaps.  A big bowl of potato and leek soup is on the cards I think.

And last but not least, the silver beet.  It's been great over winter but I'l be glad to see it gone. 


  1. Awesome Blog! I spent the morning reading your posts from the beginning and watching your videos. I live in Atlanta in the US and am in the process of building an aquaponics greenhouse. So I have been doing a lot of "research". Your daily postings have helped me a bunch! I am putting together my own online journal to document my progress. Not sure when I will have a live fish or first seed planted!

  2. Hi Jon,

    Thanks for reading and commenting. Its great to see people are looking through our blog. I'll keep an eye on your blog too. Do you mind if I add it to my links on the blog? It will help others see what others are doing too..

  3. Looking really nice! Did you plant everything from seed? or from starts? How long ago? I'm anticipating future plantings to go through winter and then wanting to plant appropriately to get a jump on spring:-) Heading into fall, then winter here... but looking forward to seeing how my AP system fares. I grew leeks this past spring and was AMAZED at how well they did!

  4. It's a mix of both but mainly seeds this time. I suggest planting as many varieties and as much as you can. Winter is a lot slower. Be patient though. All of a sudden things will start growing.