Monday, April 12, 2010

Day 102

We're back.  We had an amazing holiday but the whole time we were away I wondered how the patch was going.

We had a relative kindly feed the fish while we were away and we offered a free for all on any produce they could eat but even with that I am still amazed at the amount that is in the grow beds.

The fish are doing very well and I netted a couple of the Murray Cod and they look very healthy.  I'll take some pictures tomorrow of them as I was running out of light now that daylight savings is over.

This is the difference in growth in 12 day of the seedlings from the last post.  We picked some of the baby pak choi tonight.

You can see how full it is looking here.  The beans and radishes are going full tilt in the background grow bed.  

Broccoli tree.

And the best part after just 12 days this is what we picked tonight.  Purple beans, Green Beans, Radish (2 varieties) Silver beet, Broccoli, Pak Choi, Beetroot, three Strawberries and Rhubarb.

Its a monster harvest.  and it's so fresh and organic.  

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