Friday, December 31, 2010

Day 365

365 days of aquaponics gardening.  It's been an amazing journey of discovery for our little family.  We've grown some amazing produce and fish and had some great times in amongst it all.  

We've tried many different methods including seedlings, seeds, mixing them all up, keeping them separate.

We've done everything from root vegetables, leafy vegetables, pumpkins, herbs and everything in between.  We've shared our crop, and preserved many bottles and jars full of chutneys and sauces.

To those who have taken the time to read, share and enjoy our rantings, Thank you.  It's been a pleasure to have you along for the ride.  We hope we've shown you something and inspired you to try aquaponics.

We thought it only fitting to end were we started.  The first strawberry for season 2010 but definitely not the last.



  1. Thanks for sharing your journey with us!!!!

    It's been very interesting even though I only came in on the tail end! I hope you get plenty of produce going forward!

    What you've set up should get much more public profile. If more people in urban areas had your set up......imagine the benefits. I bet your glad you're set up will supplement the oncoming veg shortage due to the Qld floods! Apparently tommies might triple in price, so I'm stoked I have about 25 plants in this season!

  2. Thanks for your comments and rest assured you'll be invited to the Silver Perch harvest of 2011.

    We'll be back in some sort of form.. Just trying to work out in what form.

    Till then....

  3. Great! I was getting a little worried you were gone for good!

  4. DO IT AGAIN!!!, DO IT AGAIN!!!!