Saturday, July 24, 2010

Day 205

We're still here.  Its just slow progress.  I did a bit of garden maintenance this morning.  Cleaning out dead leaves etc.  

You can see in this picture we have  leeks that are almost ready to harvest.  They were grown from heirloom seed.  

In this picture is broad beans.  They seem to be taking ages but ones again from seed.  I read this morning that they are very slow growing so it's reassuring.  

And this fellow.  Our first cabbage has very limited days.  Cant wait to have a crisp coleslaw.  Those outer leaves will go straight to our chooks who have been having a great smorgasbord of all sorts of green leafy waste from the patch.  We've had 3 eggs so far as well which is great.  They really seem to be settling in well.

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