Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Day 188

We've been contemplating for quite a while now about getting some chickens.  We think it would be great for a number of reasons including

  1. Great for the kids.
  2. Our current compost efforts aren't keeping up with our green waste from the patch
  3. We could use the eggs they produce and the chook poo as a compost.
So we bought ourselves a Chook pen.  I pick it up in two days and our weekend project will be building the pen and getting it ready for some chooks.   We are going to get Isa Browns as they are great layers and fairly good with kids.  We really think it will be a great addition.  They can eat our lovely green waste from the patch of which we have heaps and it means we'll get fresh organic eggs.  I'll post some pics in a few days of our progress.

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